Saturday, May 28, 2011

season change.

the Lord is sovereign, this I truly believe. 

many of you who have read previous blog posts are aware of some of the roads the Lord has led me down this past year. He has taught me so incredibly much about depending on Him and allowing Him to be my first love. Before this season of singleness, I don't believe I knew Him as my first love, my lover and my Prince. I'm pretty sure I just loved Jesus for what He did for me and not who He is. But man, over this past year and a half He has truly shown me my depravity without Him, need for Him and the beauty of His grace! 

I have been at a place of comfort within my singleness for a while. I went through a pruning phase (John 15) in February where the Lord brought me to a place of letting go of my need for attention. He has taught (and is teaching) me to be content in Him and Him alone, my all-sufficient Savior. Part of me thought that this season would never end...I began to get really comfortable and confident in being single. 

and bammm.

God seriously knocked me off my feet and has challenged me in such a different way this past month. 

the Lord provided a boy to pursue and care for me, lead me closer to Him and keep me on my toes. 

and before I knew it, my season had changed. 

praise the Lord for a plan that's bigger than mine. because i didn't exactly picture myself having a boyfriend three days before I head to North Carolina for two and a half months. 

but. He knew all along. and His plan is good. and He is faithful. and praise the Lord that He allows us to participate in relationship with one another, because it's a beautiful picture of grace. 

good night to all. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nothing without him.

i think i just decided that i like to write first and then title my post after its written. 

praise the Lord for His goodness. my friends, it is SUMMER. and, although I am still living in a dorm due to my job.. I am so excited about this. 

the Lord taught me a little something about myself recently.. i kinda already knew this, but he certainly reminded me.. I do not like myself when I don't spend time with Him and in the Word. 

It is so incredibly evident in my thought life and actions when I am not being faithful to my first Love. Between this past Sunday and Monday, I probably went 24 hours without spending time in the Word and I cannot tell you how crazy my thoughts were. I became full of worry and fear concerning my future and focused on things completely earthly. 

Thankfully, after my last final on Monday my sweet and precious roommate went to the library to study and allowed me the room to myself for the afternoon. It was kinda odd to spend most of my birthday afternoon alone..but it was so very refreshing. Digging in the Word and being reminded of my futile mind without Him was so very beneficial. 

So, that's just it. Living by the Spirit and walking with the Spirit are constant things that cannot be put on hold for finals. for relationships. or any other circumstances. Living by the Spirit is life. and all else follows after. 

Be encouraged. 
This is Paul's recount of his conversion and what Ananias said to him after restoring his sight: 14"And he said, The God of our fathers has appointed you to know His will and to see the Righteous One and to hear an utterance from His mouth. {acts22}

In his love and grace.