Thursday, June 2, 2011

in the blue ridge mountains.

camp merri-mac can once again be called my home for the next 10.5 weeks!! 

this summer is going to look so much different than last summer...i can already tell. 

I arrived this past sunday...with part of my heart at home, yet extremely excited about what this summer has in store. once i hit the mountains in south carolina, there was no stopping me. there is nothing that gets me fired up than driving on an interstate, music blaring, windows down, surrounded by the blue ridge mountains. 

Monday and Tuesday was full of Wilderness First Aid training. I learned how to splint injuries, treat hypothermia, distinguish between heat exhaustion and hyponutremia and much, much more. it was quite overwhelming at first, but I really enjoyed the learning aspect. 

Wednesday I ran a few errands..hit up walmart which was a necessity considering that I left my pillow at home! The stress of Sunday morning caused me to leave my pillow and teddy bear :( but.. I'm being a big girl. I bought a new pillow and I'm cuddling with a sweatshirt for now. I have gotten to spend a lot of time with my new friend, Meg. She is from Florida and super duper sweet. 

Highlight of being at camp so far: waking up to cool weather, grabbing a cup of coffee and getting in the Word on the front porch. The front porch at Merri-Mac is always quiet. In the mornings I hear the voice of the birds and the Spirit of the Lord resting at my side and it is SUCH a beautiful thing. 

today was filled with all sorts of emotions: i began my training for backpacking. i'm not sure what i was thinking when i chose to teach this activity. i am so very excited but at the same time nervous and intimidated. i have very little experience and know none of the trails in the area. so today, with our instructor and two other backpacking staff, we hiked approx 4-5 miles, mainly uphill or downhill (both of which are difficult and take a lot of effort). and this was not easy. at the end of the hike, i felt so accomplished and wonderful. i have two more days of hiking ahead--so if you're the praying type, please do...pray for mental and physical strength. The mind is half the battle. 

So, as I dive into this summer, I am seeing difficulties in this area physically and I have also experienced some emotional difficulties over the past few days. But I'm confident that the Lord will see me through. He will be my rock and refuge. 

This was long. I apologize. Love for you all.