Friday, December 30, 2011


the blogging mood just hit, here I go. warning: this entry will be choppy. (forgive me for my lack of effort pertaining to eloquent writing in this moment)

Merry Christmas & (almost) Happy New Years friends. Cheers to celebrating a holiday representing my Savior's birth and a holiday that brings in a year of new. 

i honestly haven't sat down to think about the "new year" or new years resolutions yet. i guess it's time now. i've been telling myself i'd go on a diet in january so i can be as small as my best friend in her wedding in June. i've already analyzed that because my motivation/intention isn't pure...this diet probably won't be successful. oh well.

winter reminds me of death. it's beautiful in its own way. but in my own life winter's primary purpose is to make way for Spring...for new, for refreshment, for beauty. PREPARE THE WAY FOR SPRING.

the waves of uncertainty that surround my future are quite frightening. it is hard to believe that one semester of my senior year is complete and only one remains. And it all comes down to this semester... this is the semester the Lord will show me what the near future holds. There was a possibility He would reveal it in the Fall but He did not.

I've spent a very long time buidling up to this moment. And in these months, just a few mere months, a collection of moments...plans will be made and my life will be changed. Okay, I'm going to stop because this is slightly freaking me out.

things on my mind lately... camp... a possibility for the summer and next year; moving to a new city and get a simple job...probably Asheville, Charlotte or adventure that is super scary but very exciting; other things that shouldn't be blogged about.

i will end with this thought. God's goodness and sovereignty trumps my feelings and emotions. No matter how fearful I am, He is good nonetheless and He will provide for me. Praise Him for that truth. Without it, I'd be a mess without Hope. (I'm still a mess)