Thursday, November 24, 2011

long time, no bloggy.

it's been a while since I've sat down to reflect and write. 

today is thanksgiving.. happy thanksgiving, y'all! although I'm thankful for a lot, that's not what I've intended to write about. Honestly, I have no intentions for this post. My desire is to reflect on all that God has been teaching me lately. so, here we go.

I've been seeking out and praying for a mentor for a long while now. I so deeply desire a one on one relationship with a woman who is willing to call me out, laugh with me, cry with me and mostly just listen to all this mumble jumble in my head. and YALL. the Lord provided. He is so faithful to have brought someone into my life to love me, walk with me through this crazy season called senior year and challenge me through the Word. We've only been "meeting" for two weeks or so and I just have really felt God's blessing all over the friendship. Thank you, sweet Jesus...He met the desire of my heart! and I am so, so thankful. 

 My best friend of 8 years got engaged last weekend!!!!! I knew for a month before it happened and it was SO incredibly difficult to keep it from her. But, it was absolutely perfect. Although she and I are the same age, clearly she is in a completely different stage of life than I am and I'm so excited about walking through this with her. It's amazing how although this is happening to Steph & Ben, God is teaching me a lot. Through their relationship/engagement, God is giving me standards that need to be met for my husband. Through this time, He is teaching me to be selfless and TRUST His timing. For Stephanie and Ben, the timing was surely the Lord's and God is steadily telling me to trust His timing with the relationship aspect of my life. I'm processing all this and it's literally been less than a week since the proposal! It's gonna be a wild ride!! But really... God is going to do some big things through this marriage & I couldn't be more thrilled!! 

I've pretty much nailed my options for next year down to two internships. This really excites me. The application process for one of them begins in January! That's right around the corner. Until then, I should be fervently praying for His hand to lead me. I'm genuinely really excited about both of these options though. They are drastically different--and I feel like choosing one is choosing an entire lifestyle and choosing the other is an entirely different lifestyle. But hey, that's my worrying side coming out. God, increase my faith and trust in You. Kill my unbelief. 
This sweet picture is from a trip to Athens, GA to see camp friends. Meg & Morgan are wonderful. Well, that's all for now. I'm working retail on black Friday so I need my sleep :) 
--Loving some Colossians one lately. He holds all together. 
selah :)