Monday, July 16, 2012

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Merri-Mac...

Meg, Bex & I at Max Patch for Sunnyside trip.
First sess Sunnyside counselors plus the wonderful Christy Shores.

The one & only Alice Coughlin: my favorite person to laugh with.

My heart: Katherine Albanese, friend, encourager & former camper.

I held this bunny for twenty minutes this past Saturday. #emotionalattachment
Two and a half weeks remain for my time at Merri-Mac. 

This summer has been beautiful thus far. The Lord has taught me more about His steadfast love, faithfulness and sovereignty. 

His sovereignty has comforted me when I've felt nervous concerning my job this fall. His steadfast love has reminded me that despite my failures and insecurities, He loves me all the same. He has proved faithful in growing me from my time last summer at camp. God has guarded my heart and blessed me with community, accountability and unexpected friendship during these weeks at Merri-Mac. 

In the weeks to come, I am positive that He will continue to prove faithful in providing what I need for this next season of life. I'm grateful to God that He is my sustainer and refuge. Transitioning home from camp is always tough, and I expect nothing less this time around. Sweet Jesus, teach me to embrace the change of seasons. 

Hello, adult life. See you in a couple weeks!!!