Sunday, September 2, 2012

post-grad journey thus far

i just read every entry i've made on this blog. it's so interesting how I can so intensely feel the emotions I was having at that specific point in time. 
it's funny how God teaches me things repeatedly. He's so gracious.

well, it's September 2nd. tomorrow will be one month from when I came home from camp and that seems like ages ago. this transition has been difficult as i expected, but different.
gosh, so much in my head. 
things God is showing me: (1) He is the only permanent. This place, my job, my friends, etc won't be with me always. He will. 
(2)relationships are hard, complex and complicated. to really, truly love someone is to be selfless in your love for them. not selfish, wanting to satisfy yourself in some way from your friendship with them. 
(3)adult life is full of responsibility. but is also is full of JOY if you trust Him.
(4)i've been overwhelmed by this list of "ideas for my life" i feel i must accomplish soon. like get married, as if i have any control over that. 

i'm so thankful for this season at Fondren Church. i've been blessed by gracious volunteers and people who want to know and love me. i've seen the behind the scenes of church and haven't been scared off yet. God uses people despite our brokenness, thankfully. 

this journey with Jesus is for the long run. I still need Him every day. every moment of every hour. I need Him to show me my brokenness and lead me to His feet. This post-grad life is unlike anything I've every experienced before (obviously) and it's difficult. but I'm increasingly thankful for God's ever-present hand in my life.