Monday, February 13, 2012


brokenness is my condition without God. broken is my warped mind and skewed view of myself and life in general. 

fortunately my condition changed when I trusted Jesus years ago. I was hidden in Christ with God, seated at His right hand... My condition forever changed. Because of what Jesus did for me. He interceded. He paid the price that a just God demanded. 

this is a small glimpse of what God is teaching me. He controls all things, all timelines. He ordains relationships. He brings beauty from suffering.

i'm learning that the junk in my heart is forgiven by Jesus. so I need to let it go. Forget my flesh and cling to the cross because He is sufficient.

Plans for post-graduation are minimal.. but today I committed to Camp Merri-Mac for yet another summer. Knowing that my previous two summers are so completely different, I'm curious to see what this one holds.

Praise the Lord for being all knowing, all sufficient...and worthy of my all.

happy almost valentine's day, beloveds.