Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's to Come

Things to look forward to... (because sometimes we need reminding).

1. CAMP: where I can act like a child, paint my face and have multiple emotional breakdowns and be totally normal.

2. NEW STAFF: fresh meat at camp means story time, shared experiences and new perspectives. new staff keep camp thriving.

3. BEACH: for the first time in two years, I will welcome the sun to scorch my skin on white sand this Saturday. For one day. #worthit & it's also my first SC beach experience! Woot.

4. CHANGE: embracing the chaos of summer, pulling out all my extraversion and adapting to a life of self-forgetfulness called camp.

5. LEARNING: every year i've worked at merri-mac it's looked totally different. different people, different struggles, different joys.. I always learn. Come on, life lessons- the hard and the harder, I know you're just around the corner.

Mount Mitchell State Park, Highest Peak East of the MS River

p.s. trying to get into shorter blogs.
so, bye for now!


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