Sunday, October 13, 2013

the Good that He has Ordained

"I love thee for giving me clusters of grapes in the wilderness, and drops of heavenly wine that set me longing to have my fill. Apart from thee I quickly die, bereft of thee I starve, far from thee I thirst and droop; But thou art all I need." | Valley of Vision

i've started this blog and deleted it so many times. asking myself, where do i start with the goodness that God has been showing me these past few months? 
i don't even know where to begin, but i'm certain that i want all of you to experience the reality of God's goodness. whether you "feel" Him or not, His plan for you is being fulfilled. 

i catch myself at times- whether sitting at my desk at work or driving around with friends- in awe and wonder: "how on earth did I end up here?" I'm amazed at how acquainted with the depths of my heart the Lord is-He knew what I needed before I did: to be introduced to the Blue Ridge Mountains, to move away from familiarity, to be single for a season and to work in an environment where I'm completely uncomfortable most days. He knew that I would be captivated by Fall in the mountains, that I would love working for a summer camp and that I would face (multiple) seasons of joyful loneliness. 

We are living out what He has already 
o r d a i n e d.  

In the midst of this crazy, beautiful mess I am constantly comforted by the truth that my plan is already set in stone. the Lord has ordained more adventure and purpose for my little life than I could have ever dreamed. My confidence in this truth is real because I see it every day as I work for Merri-Mac and live in this dreamland of North Carolina. There will always be circumstances that remind us we aren't home yet, but 

take heart, dearly Beloved, He has 
g o o d g i f t s 
in store for you.

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