Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Look up, my darling.

Spring has a special way of kissing me on the cheek. It's as if God is leaning down saying, "Here you are, my darling, I know you needed this."
Besides the pollen, no body needs all that.
But, really. The blooming flowers, the enticing sunshine, the constant celebration...It's a season of rejoicing- Winter is over! It seems that this should be the part where I make some sort of analogy for how this is representative of life. For some of you, maybe it is. But for me, right now this doesn't reign true.
God is teaching me to embrace all the sunshine you can get- whether it's just a ray or a full afternoon of it. Metaphorically, of course, I mean that on good days or bad days, when I feel happy or sad, God is still good and you can find sunshine when you look for it.

I'm learning that everyday you have the ability to look up, look outside yourself and be thankful.

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